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I believe the number one service I can provide my students is to teach them to learn and to solve problems. Their futures will depend on their abilities to learn and relearn in a rapidly changing business environment.

Teachers cannot learn the material for their students. My method and training is in student-centric education. Formally, until constrained by standardized technologies, my goal was to set up learning environments (learning communities) intended to provide students with many opportunities to share their knowledge, ideas, and problem solving strategies. Now my students write detailed essays or make presentations that are shared. I also try to integrate traditional and technological resources to create a learning environment that fosters learning for all types of learners.



St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
I sometimes teach continuing education classes about distance psychoanalysis (see my resume for details)

Professor at Missouri State University
Department of Information Systems & Cybersecurity
Summer 2002 - Present

Undergraduate Courses
CIS 375 Advamced Web Programming (1 semester)
CIS 260 Program Design and Development (8 semesters)
CIS 202 Computer Applications for Business (1 semester)

Graduate Courses
CIS 661 Management Information Systems (12 semesters, including summer sessions)


Instructor at Yeshiva University
Management Information Systems Department
Fall 2001 to Spring 2002

Undergraduate Courses
ENT 2250 Internet for Business (1 semester)
ENT 2251 Advanced Internet for Business (1 semester)
ENT 2125 C++ (1 semester)
ENT 3831 Visual Basic (1 semester)

Instructor at Baruch College
CIS/STAT Department
Spring 1999 to Fall 2001

Undergraduate Courses
CIS 3100 Introduction to C++ (6 semesters)
CIS 4100 Advanced C++ (8 semesters)
CIS 4500 Advanced Networking (2 semesters)

Graduate Courses
CIS 9310 Introduction to C++ (2 semesters)
CIS 9350 Introduction to Networking (1 semester)

Part-Time Academic Experience

Adjunct at Baruch College
CIS/STAT Department
Fall 1996 to Fall 1998
Fall 2001 to Spring 2002

Undergraduate Courses
CIS 2200 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3 semesters)
CIS 3630 Multimedia (6 semesters)
CIS 3500 Introduction to Networking (2 semesters)
CIS 5800 Advanced Projects (2 semesters)

Graduate Courses
CIS 9360 Multimedia (2 semesters)
CIS 9000 Management Information Systems (1 semester)

Adjunct at City College of New York
Computer Science Department
Spring 1998
Taught an introductory computer science course

Course Development

I have developed an online Management Information Course. For more information, see the website listed below for MIS online.

Teaching Awards

College Faculty Teaching Recogntion Award Missiouri State University 2006

Class Websites Home to my classes (Defunct: forced to use blackboard) Portal to my graduate MIS online and traditional classes : Website for my undergraduate advanced webprogramming classes