Building Ensemble of Resnet for Dolphin Whistle Detection


Ecoacoustics is arguably the best method for monitoring marine environments, but analyzing and interpreting acoustic data has traditionally demanded substantial human supervision and resources. These bottlenecks can be addressed by harnessing contemporary methods for automated audio signal analysis. This paper focuses on the problem of assessing dolphin whistles using state-of-the-art deep learning methods. Our system utilizes a fusion of various resnet50 networks integrated with data augmentation (DA) techniques applied not to the training data but to the test set. We also present training speeds and classification results using DA to the training set. Through extensive experiments conducted on a publicly available benchmark, our findings demonstrate that our ensemble yields significant performance enhancements across several commonly used metrics. For example, our approach obtained an accuracy of 0.949 compared to 0.923, the best reported in the literature. We also provide training and testing sets that other researchers can use for comparison purposes, as well as all the MATLAB/PyTorch source code used in this study.

Keywords: convolutional neural network; dolphin whistle; ensemble; spectrogram classification.

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