A hybrid fingerprint multimatcher

[abstract] This paper focuses on extensive testing of multimatcher methods for obtaining a system that is comparable with the state-of-the-art commercial matchers. Through extensive testing, we propose an ensemble method that uses minutiae, correlation-based, and hybrid methods. To further improve our system, we conduct experiments with matchers that are also based on different enhancement techniques, combining matcher scores by sum rule. Our results are validated on all four FVC2004 DBs and on the easier FVC2002 DB2. Finally, we study the fusion among the proposed methods with the competitor systems in the FVC2004 competition. We find that our method improves the performance of the winner of FVC2004 competition. The MATLAB code for our experiments is freely available for downloading at bias.csr.unibo.it/nanni/Fconf.rar.

Keywords: fingerprint identification; texture descriptors; minutiae; multimatcher ensemble.

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